The Gold Coast has been a hotspot for development since the economy began to roar back to life this year, following two years of lockdowns and loss of employment and loss of industrial activity. The construction industry across the country has been crying out for new developments and the Gold Coast has not disappointed. With much to be excited about in 2022 and beyond, construction in Australia is coming back with a bang and residents of the Gold Coast can look forward to these best ten projects.

  1. The Star, Gold Coast

The Star Entertainment Group purchased a huge swath of land at Broadbeach Island and intends to turn the area into a mixed-use space for commercial and residential property. The Group will operate the Star Hotel, which will contain 1,200 hotel rooms, and nine hundred apartment residences, spread across four towers.

Estimated Completion Date: 2024

Project Value: ~$2B AUD

  • La Pelago

A four-tower project yet again steals the show on the Gold Coast with developer Tim Gurner spearheading the project. The mixed-use development will be built above a mezzanine level, featuring 1,200 parking spaces, green space and a built-in lagoon. There will be food and beverage tenancies alongside the structures’ 900 residential units and 200 hotel guests.

Estimated Completion Date: Unknown

Project Value: $1.75B AUD

  • Assana

Assana is one of many mixed-use answers to the Gold Coast’s lack of housing. With 47 of the 52-storey building being for residential use – two, three, four and five bedroom units being made available. The lower levels are occupied by a mezzanine, a ground-floor space containing a communal area for residents, alongside unassigned (as yet) commercial space. Macquarie Developments Group hopes to bring more family housing to the Gold Coast with these multi-bedroom units.

Estimated Completion Date: 2024

Project Value: $250M AUD

  • Kirra Beach Hotel

Replacing the old Kirra Beach hotel will be a brand new structure with mixed-use potential. This exciting redevelopment by KTQ Group of Brisbane promises around 250 residence units (aiming at condo sale opportunities) – split between two towers of 15 and 10 stories, and a brand-new Kirra Beach boutique hotel.

Estimated Completion Date: 2025

Project Value: $380M AUD

  • Paradiso Place

Another multi-purpose build has recently been approved on King Tutt’s Putt Putt site. The whopping 1.15ha site will soon give rise to “Paradiso Place”, a three-tower build of 38, 40 and 42 storeys respectively. The towers will be supplemented by a large retail space and a dining plaza, according to plans submitted to the Gold Coast City Council in mid-2021.

Estimated Completion Date: Unknown

Project Value: $880M AUD

Mixed-use projects are the thing at the moment in Australia’s construction landscape and the five above mixed-use projects are a surefire way to ensure that residential and commercial needs are met and exceeded!