Brisbane's Top Developments in 2024


As 2024 unfolds, Brisbane is set to embrace a transformative wave of development projects that promise to reshape its skyline and infuse the city with new energy and opportunities.

In this article, we take a closer look at the top developments.

1. Queen’s Wharf

The Queen's Wharf development on the River in the CBD is at the forefront of Brisbane's transformation. It is a mixed-use precinct that combines entertainment, retail, and dining in a single, dynamic location. Spearheaded by the Destination Brisbane Consortium and designed by Cottee Parker, this project is set to become a focal point for locals and tourists, promising a boost in economic activity and cultural vibrancy.

2. Waterfront Brisbane

Also in the CBD, Waterfront Brisbane on Eagle Street, led by Dexus with architectural vision from Fjmt and Arkhefield, is set to revolutionise the city's commercial landscape. This commercial-led development with integrated retail components will offer state-of-the-art workspaces and leisure areas, setting a new standard for business precincts in Australia.

3. Gabba Heart Development

A joint venture between Belmonde Property Group and Sun Luxe Group, and designed by Cottee Parker, the Gabba Heart Development on Logan Road in Woolloongabba merges residential living with commercial and entertainment spaces. This mixed-use project aims to enhance the liveability and connectivity of the surrounding area, particularly benefiting from its proximity to major sports venues.

4. Station Square

Trenert's Station Square on Stanley Street in Woolloongabba, designed by DBI, proposes a mixed-use development emphasising accessibility and community engagement. By integrating residential, commercial, and retail elements, it aims to create a bustling hub that caters to the needs of a growing Brisbane population.

5. Residential Developments

CBD projects like 25 Mary Street by KS Property with designs by Koichi Takada, and 204 Alice Street by Meriton, by DBI, signify a shift towards high-quality, architecturally distinguished residential spaces. These developments reflect Brisbane's commitment to offering diverse housing options that meet the expectations of modern urban dwellers.

6. Retail and Commercial

The Uptown Redevelopment and 360 Queen Street projects in the CBD signal a rejuvenation of Brisbane's retail and commercial sectors. With innovative designs and strategic locations, these developments are expected to attract leading businesses and retailers, further enhancing the city's economic landscape.

7. Sustainable Growth

Across all these developments, there's a shared vision of sustainable growth and architectural excellence. From the Regent Tower's commercial innovation to the mixed-use allure of 23-27A Manning Street in South Brisbane by Aria Property Group, for example, Brisbane is set on a path that respects its rich heritage while boldly stepping into the future.


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