Shaping Brisbane's Future Workplaces


Brisbane's office landscape is transforming as a new generation of workers, primarily Millennials and Gen Z, drive demand for innovative, eco-friendly workplaces prioritising health and wellbeing.

According to recent research, this generational change is reshaping tenant priorities, focusing on reaching net-zero targets and fostering sustainable, wellness-centric environments.

With Brisbane already leading in green ratings, office buildings are evolving to accommodate a variety of amenities, including rooftop gardens, wellness centres, and flexible seating options. The shift towards mixed-mode offices, which offer alternatives to traditional air conditioning, reflects a broader trend towards adaptable workspaces that cater to diverse working styles.

As the workforce demographic evolves, new office developments embrace progressive design principles, such as Mirvac's Heritage Lanes and Cbus's 205 North Quay tower, which prioritise sustainability and employee wellbeing. Projects like Dexus's Waterfront Brisbane are shaping the CBD's skyline and responding to the evolving workforce needs increasingly driven by Millennials and Gen Z.

With a growing emphasis on enhancing the office experience, landlords are diversifying their offerings to include wellness areas, social media content rooms, and dog-friendly workplaces. This renewed focus on employee experience reflects a broader trend towards experiential workplaces catering to today's workforce's evolving demands.

As Queensland experiences significant population growth, fuelled by both natural increase and migration, the future workforce is expected to continue to change. And Brisbane's office sector presents opportunities for innovative design and sustainable practices to shape the workplaces of tomorrow.

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Information source: The Australian