Prime Gold Coast Suburbs for Commercial Property Investment in 2024


Just like Brisbane, the Gold Coast has seen a few key factors pushing property prices to new highs in 2023:

·         Population Growth: The Gold Coast keeps attracting more residents, especially people moving from other states and retirees.

·         Affordability: Property prices on the Gold Coast are still relatively affordable.

·         Residential Rental Yields: Over the past three years, rental yields have jumped by +38%, drawing in investors looking for stable returns.

·         Infrastructure Investments: Big projects like the light rail expansion and the Cross River Rail project are making the Gold Coast an even more attractive place for property investors.

If you're thinking about investing in commercial properties on the Gold Coast in 2024, here are our top suburbs for investment this year:

Robina: The Commercial Powerhouse

Robina is a buzzing commercial hub that's attracting businesses and investors alike. Thanks to its central location, great transport links, and modern infrastructure, it's become a magnet for entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises. Plus, the Robina Town Centre is a bustling shopping and entertainment precinct that adds to the suburb's commercial appeal.

Robina's versatility makes it a standout. It caters to a range of commercial ventures, including office spaces, retail outlets, and healthcare facilities. And with easy access to Bond University and robust transport links, it's a great place for businesses to set up shop.

Southport: The Business District on the Rise

Southport has transformed from a quaint seaside town into a thriving urban precinct. Its waterfront location, proximity to major attractions, and ongoing revitalisation initiatives make it a hotspot for commercial investment.

The growth of Southport is powered by developments like the Health and Knowledge Precinct and Gold Coast's Chinatown. The suburb offers a vibrant mix of healthcare facilities, education centres, dining options, and retail outlets, making it an attractive option for commercial investors.

Surfers Paradise: The Tourist and Commercial Hub

Surfers Paradise is an iconic destination known for tourism, entertainment, and commercial buzz. Its beachfront locale, stunning skyline, and array of entertainment options attract both tourists and businesses.

Investors can find diverse commercial opportunities in Surfers Paradise, including hospitality ventures, entertainment establishments, and retail outlets. Thanks to its international popularity and constant foot traffic, it's a prime spot for commercial spaces catering to the tourism and leisure sectors.

Burleigh Heads: The Bohemian Business Hub

Burleigh Heads combines a laid-back coastal vibe with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. With boutique stores, quirky cafes, and a growing creative scene, it's a great place for businesses looking for a unique, community-centric atmosphere.

Burleigh Heads' transformation into a cultural and culinary hotspot has caught the eye of investors. Commercial opportunities include artisanal cafes, boutique shops, co-working spaces, and lifestyle-focused ventures that cater to the area's affluent and culturally diverse demographic.

Broadbeach: The Lifestyle and Entertainment Epicentre

Broadbeach perfectly blends entertainment, dining, and coastal living. Its upscale ambiance, proximity to beaches, and entertainment options make it a hit with both residents and tourists.

Commercial prospects in Broadbeach revolve around lifestyle-driven enterprises, including upscale dining establishments, entertainment venues, boutique retail outlets, and luxury accommodation options. With its cosmopolitan appeal and steady stream of visitors, it offers a lucrative market for commercial investors looking to capitalise on the area's leisure-centric vibe.