Southeast Queensland Projects in 2024 and Beyond

Southeast Queensland has been a hotbed of developments in recent years. As the already high population saw an increase in activity in 2023 that isn’t projected to slow down, the city continues to prepare for the Brisbane Olympics of 2032.

Larger projects include Brisbane Live, an 18,000-seat arena dedicated to bringing top-tier entertainers to Brisbane from Australia and beyond, as well as the Queen’s Wharf Development (see our article on What’s Happening Around Brisbane River).

Brisbane Live - Cross River Rail

Source: Cross River Rail

Brisbane’s Transformation for the 2032 Olympics

When Brisbane was selected as the host for the 2032 Olympics, the Australian Government committed more than $5 billion to the project and the City of Brisbane and the Queensland Government has set about taking steps to accommodate thousands of athletes and millions of Olympics fans from all over the world.

Some of these developments include the construction of six brand-new venues, including the swimming centre of the Olympics. The new 15,000-seat Brisbane Arena. Additionally, an important upgrade will be made to add seating to the Brisbane Cricket Ground, which will serve as an outdoor running sports ground throughout the Olympics, with a vision for the future beyond 2032.

Other developments for the Olympics include the construction of four Olympic “villages”, with the central Brisbane Olympic Village hosting 10,700 athletes and three other ‘satellite’ villages.

It takes a village: Olympic work fast-tracked to house Queenslanders

Source: Brisbane Times

Additionally, Brisbane’s already vibrant arts scene will receive a huge boost of $175M for an expansion to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, enabling an additional 1,500 seats to bring more people to Brisbane’s artsy joie-de-vivre to a wider audience.

Brisbane has plenty of new developments to be excited about; an exciting prospect for 2024, and continuing to 2032 and beyond.