The coastal vibe of Maroochydore is currently one of rapid expansion, amid economic growth that has spurred a construction boom across the country that has now reached the shores of Maroochydore. The Sunshine Coast Council has approved a plethora of new building projects – over 500 units of housing have been approved by the council. It’s a good thing too, as there’s been an uptick in movers to the town which has necessitated this housing expansion.

A summary of the main projects in the expansion are listed below.

  1. 12 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore

This $17 million-dollar, 24-unit project began life as a 49-unit apartment building, but was scaled back after initial council approval. It will now go ahead as a 24-unit apartment building, with a retail space occupying the first floor. The project is being spearheaded by Saintsun Aerodrome Pty Ltd.

  • 2 Kuran St, Maroochydore

Intended for use as large family units, this three-unit development by Entertain Pty Ltd will offer picturesque views of the nearby Maroochy River, and first-floor indoor parking available.

  • 29 Ridge Rd, Maroochydore

This two-storey, two-building, three-bedroom triumvirate of buildings, proposed by DDMR Investment Trust – is currently awaiting council approval after further information was requested by the council – that information will need to be provided by mid-October.

  • Sunrise Dr, Maroochydore

This huge residential and aged-care complex on Sunrise Drive was proposed by Living Choice Australia and is currently undergoing assessment by the council’s planners and will need feedback from the community before it can proceed. At 128-units, the goal of Living Choice Australia would be to provide accommodations for those in the ageing population.

  • 132, 134 & 136 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore

Plans have just been lodged for a major new residential development on Aerodrome Rd by Capital 22 Pty Ltd. These plans would replace the current op shop with a thirteen-storey building, consisting of three floors of office space, residential units, a ground-floor food-and-drink plaza, a fifth-storey communal area and pool. As well as a rooftop gym and outdoor area.

There’s no doubt that Maroochydore is expanding in many ways and in order to meet demand, building companies and investors are having to mix-and-match their spaces. It’s becoming the way of Australian construction – retail and residential sharing a common space.