The industrial property market in Brisbane is anticipated to strengthen over the coming years, with industrial land and rental rates expected to increase in 2023.

Demand for industrial space continues to grow, driven largely by increased interest from investors, coupled with high-value projects such as major infrastructure investments and urban regeneration efforts. This trend is expected to continue for industrial properties located in high-traffic areas due to their proximity to desirable amenities.

Also, the growing importance of e-commerce on storage and last-mile logistics has resulted in an increasing need for warehousing facilities, further contributing to a positive outlook for industrial property in Brisbane by 2023.

In addition, industrial property owners are taking advantage of emerging opportunities created by technological advancements and digital solutions that allow tenants greater efficiency and flexibility within their industrial space. This is expected to further support industrial property owners in the years leading up to 2023 and beyond as businesses look for ways to optimise their industrial spaces.

Quality land fit for purpose and located within proximity to arterials remains scarce, resulting in record prices being paid. As construction prices for new products continue to escalate, if projects are to proceed, rents will surely increase to support project feasibility.

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