Yeronga Priority Development Area (PDA)

In a new announcement on August 10, The Yeronga Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared. The PDA, which includes parts of Park Road and Villa Street is roughly three hectares and situated near a rail and bus services and arterial road network. Identified as a possible urban renewal opportunity in the Advancing our cities and regions (AOCR) strategy, the PDA declaration establishes a planning framework to support future community and economic results in the area.

The PDA offers prospects to bring the new suburban community with small-scale retail uses, and a community centre for the suburb. Planning and development assessment will be performed by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

Yeronga PDA Interim Land Use Plan

Now the PDA has been declared, a development scheme must be prepared, and until the development scheme is concluded, development within the Priority Development Area will be controlled under the Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP).

The long-standing Yeronga TAFE site located in the PDA will have a fast-tracked rejuvenation project, transforming the site into a sustainable, integrated, and connected community. The surplus land would be converted into a residential space with many housing options, retail and small business and public open space.

Open space in the precinct will enable a variety of outdoor and social activities, encouraging an active lifestyle. All development proposals will need to be both pedestrian and cyclist friendly and complement the natural landscape of the site. Demolition works will be carried out throughout the 2018/2019 school holidays. 

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