Why SEO is key to getting your properties at the top of Google (and sold or leased faster)

Lead generation strategies are a crucial part of survival in the real estate business, and to achieve your goals you need to succeed with your SEO (search engine optimization). If you’ve been working on your SEO in the past 5 years or so, you’ll probably have an ever-changing relationship with it. At times, you’ve probably just thought ‘what a waste of my time’ and other times when you’ve done something that worked well, you’ve thought ‘finally, I can get on with my real work now’ only to find that everything changes back again and you’re starting all over.

The one thing certain about SEO is that you need to have someone on your side that truly knows what they are doing. Millions of dollars every year must be wasted on bad SEO marketers, and as businesses can fail so quickly wit5hout the right tools doing the right things, it makes it so much more important to have quality SEO specialists to guide you all the way. The best way to do this is to stop doing it yourself, and hire a professional.

The end goal of SEO is to get solid leads through organic searching. So where do most real estate professionals go wrong? Patience pays off. It takes patience to succeed in everything, and even more so with SEO.

Most searches begin online, and over the years real estate-related online searches have grown immensely. In reality, SEO leads are far more likely to close than other outbound leads. It also costs far less to get quality SEO than pay for outbound marketing.

SEO is relative to buying a property vs renting. SEO builds equity on investment, rather than renting forever with nothing to show when you leave.

The real key is knowing the right methods to use, and which ones to not. Find a specialist who can set up a strategy, and business will improve within months.

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