Where Does Brisbane Residential Property Stand in April-May 2022?

2020 and 2021 saw the residential property market flourish for sellers, with many changes to how properties were sold, leased, and of course, purchased. Here’s a rundown of what the property market looks like in April-May 2022 based on CoreLogic research.

  • The number of properties for sale has decreased since the floods in late February.
  • The number of sales is still high, with more than 60.00% increase in the number of transactions across the city, compared to 2021.
  • In March 2022, the number of homes sold at auction in Brisbane fell by 42.00% and 53.00% in the two weeks after the floods, but then rose again. According to Domain, on the last weekend of March, clearance rates were back up to 64.00%.
  • CoreLogic released new data on the Hedonic Home Value Index on April 1, 2022, that shows the median price of a home in Brisbane went up by 2% over the previous month.
  • The median price of homes in Greater Brisbane on April 1 was $749,293, which was $26,860 more than it was a month previously.
  • Brisbane house prices have risen by 32.1 percent over the last year, CoreLogic data shows, though the rate of price growth was found to be slowing down.
  • As of April 2022, the Brisbane housing market was still the best-performing housing market in all of Australia’s capital cities.
  • There was a 15.10% increase in the value of units in Greater Brisbane since March 2021.
  • Vacancies in Brisbane fell again between January and February 2022 at a city-wide level.
  • During the year, the cost of renting a home in Brisbane has gone up by 11.60%. This is the fastest rate of rent growth in all of Australia’s capital cities.

Moving forward, we have the federal election and inflation to deal with. There is also a risk that interest rates will rise. Affordability remains an issue, so people are turning more towards units and apartment living, and demand from interstate remains high.

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