What’s Happening In The Darling Downs?

Like the rest of Queensland, Toowoomba region is investing millions of dollars into rebuilding the economy in the midst of the pandemic.

The local government has introduced the $50 million Pandemic Response Investment Program, which includes 64 projects that are designed to stimulate the economic recovery of the region. It includes $11.8 million allocated to new capital projects, $26 million allocated to infrastructure renewal programs and $12.2 million allocated to upgrade programs.

Inclusive in this, there is $12.8 million allocated for building renewals and upgrades, $275,000 for plant and equipment, $16.5 million for road and bridge network upgrades, $10.1 million for facility renewal and upgrades, $980,000 for wastewater infrastructure upgrades and $9.2 million for water infrastructure upgrades.

The following are some of the projects within these allocations:

  • Road and bridge networks, including intersection safety upgrade project; regional road pavement rehabilitation program – north, south and central; regional road reseal program – central & north
  • Site improvements, such as Bridge Street Quarry development – Stage 1, fencing renewal programs, fire management access, landscaping projects, park upgrades and access projects, Toowoomba waste centre vertical expansion and various waste collection and facility projects.
  • City Safe: a CCTV system around the Toowoomba CBD that deters, detects and intervenes in anti-social and illegal activity, providing a safer environment for the community to enjoy and feel safe

There are also council building upgrades and water infrastructure projects included.

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