Every state has its own compliance rules and regulatory system. While a spate of recent incidents across New South Wales invited a strict rating system for developers, Queensland has always enforced stringent guidelines.

These guidelines help put distance between quality developers and rogue players who disrupt the industry. Investors, developers, and construction companies have a duty o care to deliver commercial properties that are safe and will stand up to the test of time. In Queensland, builders have a robust framework to adhere to, and if they fail to do so, their licence will be suspended or revoked.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission mandates that all commercial builders are qualified and licenced. There are regular audits that ensure compliance lapses are addressed immediately to ensure everyone’s safety. There is also a Board of Engineers and Architects that carry out investigations. They regularly submit reports on professional conduct. 

Engineers must register in Queensland, the only jurisdiction offering comprehensive, mandatory registration. This rule was brought in in 2002. For engineers to provide their services, they must register with RPEQ.

In 2017, the Queensland Building Plan was introduced. This followed an all-encompassing review of the regulatory system, which tightened regulations and introduced sweeping reforms. Building cladding was one of those areas that saw tighter regulations. Building owners must comply with registration requirements and follow the combustible cladding checklist. If the cladding is fire-safe, then official certification must be provided as proof.

These compliance regulations are certainly some of the strictest in Australia, but they don’t just protect tenants and visitors. By ensuring a high standard of construction, these regulations also protect your investment. If you are constructing new builds, you should always work with licenced professionals to ensure regulations are met. If you invest in an existing build, choosing to work with a property management company will ensure you adhere to regulations and maximise your investment.

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