Virtual reality and real estate

Technology is advancing, and it’s hitting the real estate industry hard.  Each day there are new innovations to help us become better and more advanced at what we do. As consumers become smarter and more hands-on in the process of buying property than ever before, we as agents must come up with new ways to get their attention and keep it.

One of the best tools available to real estate agents right now is VR or Virtual Reality, which let you move through property showing clients the ins and outs like they’ve never seen before.

From collecting ideas to researching floor plans, a simple headset and controller could be the difference between a sale and a fail.

Augmented reality apps are changing the way consumers can see a property. They can see how it will look empty as well as filled with furniture and office staff if they really want to.

It truly is an amazing way for consumers to try before they buy, and as a sales agent, your role is made easier with the use of these types of high-tech apps.

There are many different apps that offer different options for VR and they include Matterport, real estate listings can be viewed in 3D, in a complete walkthrough scenario. Matterport supplies a dimensionally accurate model of any space and it surely won’t be long until you will be able to view a property in 3d without even stepping out of bed. Using modern 360-degree cameras photographers can now capture every angle of the home as if you were looking at it yourself, and by using 3-D modelling, consumers can access a property that is still under construction but seeing the fully furnished end product.

It won’t be very long until the VR world will be accessible to every real estate agent, and if you can afford to get in early (like now) it will work very much to your advantage.

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