Using your mobile phone in real estate

Mobile apps area great way to improve efficiency in the commercial real estate market, and using your mobile phone for business in 2017 is essential. What this also means though, is to most consumers, using a mobile device is also crucial for research, and purchasing goods or finding services providers. This also includes real estate agents, property managers or property developers.

There are many ways in which you can use your mobile devices to do business in real estate, to streamline procedures, reward customers, find customers, find properties, and these are all the things which you also can do for your customers.

The key to making business successful these days is to ensure your customers have an engaging, and SIMPLE experience online.

Having your own agency app created is a great way to keep your clients informed about new properties, old properties, sales updates, or virtually anything you can think of. Push notifications are a great way to send newly listed properties to clients. The best part about push notifications from your own app is that you can send them based on user preferences i.e. send relevant information to clients interested in sales, or rental based clients so you aren’t annoying the wrong clients with irrelevant messages.

Mobile apps are a great time saving device, with apps being able to do everything from editing images, scanning business cards, maintaining databases and contacting customers however there are some even better tools available that can get serious engagement from potential or existing buyers. Facebook Live videos allow users to watch real-time video, which will surely be an essential part of auctions soon, if it hasn’t been done already. Can you imagine a whole new market of international based clients being able to bid via a live stream on social media?

360-degree videography and photography, and virtual tours along with live social media options give your mobile devices thousands of uses that can be powerfully useful tools for real estate agencies. Find your niche and get the edge over your competitors.

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