Transport Aims For Inner South

As the inner south prepares for some large projects, transport is being ramped up and renovated to make way for increased residential capacities. There are many ways transport is being advanced in the inner south, and they include the following.

Cross River Rail

Brisbane’s rail network will see amplified capacity through the construction of the new rail crossing over the Brisbane River as part of the Cross-River Rail project. The project will run between Dutton Park and Bowen Hills, with new tunnels under the river, upgraded Bowen Hills/RNA stations, and a brand-new station directly across from the soon to be renovated Gabba Stadium. The project has taken a step forward with a demolition contractor appointment to clear the land where the old South Brisbane Dental Hospital and the nine-storey Land centre building are located.

Brisbane Metro

The announcement of the $944million Brisbane Metro infrastructure project comprising of a high-turnover metro network across 21 kilometres of existing busway linking Eight Mile Plains, the RBWH and UQ busway stations and all stations in between. The Metro will feature a fleet of 60 metro vehicles with 150 people capacity that will travel on two high-frequency, high-capacity metro lines (on the existing busways).  The vehicles will aid in lowering congestion and could be up and running as soon as 2019.


The Woolloongabba bikeway will see an $11 million investment this financial year, plus the carried over $3 million from last year’s delays. There will also be a $1 million safety upgrade of the River Loop route and a further $3 million for the Kangaroo Point bikeway.

SEQ’s Silver Bullet Solution – High-Speed Rail

The concept of a high-speed rail has been floated for the SEQ region, and to combat heavy road congestion which will only get worse in the next ten years, it offers a solution that could see passengers travel times between Brisbane and the Gold Coast at around eight minutes.

The high-speed double-decker train concept would carry 1,400 passengers in one train and travel at 400kmph.

Kangaroo Point Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge

The Kangaroo Point Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge which has been discussed for what seems like an eternity will finally see the development of a business case for the project. The State Government has delivered $230,000 for the planning process.

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