Top Tips To Prepare Your Building For Sale In 2018

If you’ve decided to sell your commercial property this year, there are a number of things you should take into consideration so that you get the best profits and value from the sale. To do so, there are a few things you might consider before putting your property on the market.

  • Renovate. Renovation is very important if you want your building to get a higher sale price. You can repair inferior areas of your space, fix electrical, roofing, air conditioning and plumbing issues, add some paint to the building to create a modern look, even if it’s not. A facelift will do wonders for your sale price if done right.
  • Clean and fresh. A clean space is as important as a renovated or practical one. Once renovation works have been completed on the building, tidy the spaces around the property that may contain clutter, fix any outdated or overgrown garden areas, fresh landscaping will catch the eye of potential buyers. Maybe even going as far as creating a designated employee outdoor area is an idea. Clean and clear the area as if you were buying it brand new. Always remember that the first impression is everything.
  • Maximize natural light. Ensure the property features good natural lighting – not too little, not too much. This could be as simple as trimming overgrown trees near windows, or changing window dressings.
  • Ensure the flooring is suitable for the building purpose. If there is a set purpose for the building, ensure the flooring is suitable. If you don’t know what potential the building may have for future owners, it may be safer to leave the floor coverings as a part of the sale detail. Use the lack of floor covering as a sales pitch, rather than a negative, and offer to add whatever flooring the potential buyer would like.

To prepare your building effectively, you need to make it appealing to a broad range of prospective buyers. Neutral colours, professional presentation, modern appeal and practicality are what appeals to buyers, and allow you to achieve higher returns. If you need advice, or you need a great agent once you’re ready to sell – we’re here to help!


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