Top Growth Suburbs | Brisbane-Moreton

With the announcement of the 2032 Olympics for Brisbane, it’s only natural that transformation will occur – and there are already a number of suburbs earmarked for growth in the lead up to the event. Some of these will be directly impacted by associated developments, while others were already earmarked for substantial change regardless.

Residential suburbs that are experiencing high growth include (based on 5-year compound growth rate):

  • Bardon – 7.4% for houses and 5.8% for units
  • Carina Heights – 4.8% for houses and -0.6% for units
  • Ashgrove – 7.0% for houses and -1.4% for units
  • Graceville – 7.3% for houses and 2.1% for units
  • Strathpine – 4.8% for houses and 0.3% for units
  • Oxley – 3.6% for houses and 2.1% for units
  • Kedron – 5.6% for houses and -3.2% for units

In addition, the following two regions have been labelled by the State Government as priority growth areas:

Caboolture West: Caboolture West has been recognised as a major expansion area in the South East Queensland Regional Plan (ShapingSEQ) and a 258-hectare neighbourhood development plan is underway. A temporary local planning instrument was made on September 28 for this project which is set to unlock the potential for growth in the region, as well as addressing housing affordability and options, and determining what infrastructure is required to support more liveable communities.

Southern Redland Bay: Just south-east of Brisbane CBD, Southern Redland Bay was also named a priority growth location for accelerating land supply in South East Queensland. More than 10,000 people are expected to live in the neighbourhood, which has a capacity of about 5,000 residential lots. Shoreline, one of the area’s largest planned developments, will include 3,000 lots.

Meanwhile, with the 2032 Olympics ahead, the inner east, which includes Woolloongabba and Dutton Park, as well as Albion, Paddington, Hamilton, and Kelvin Grove, are expected to boom as a result of major infrastructure spending ahead of the games.

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