Top 5 innovations in the property market

Technology has powered its way into the world of commercial property and there are a number of really great innovations that will help you succeed in the modern digital age we have been thrust into.

Digital Everything

Anyone looking to buy, sell, invest or lease property have millions of options online to do so. It is a relatively simple process as a buyer in today’s market, as there are just so many options. As someone who sells real estate or manages properties, your job is to make sure anyone who wants to buy, sell, invest or lease property finds you first. Property histories are easily accessible, as are contact details for tenants, current or previous, so it leaves very little room for mistakes or dishonesty, which is a benefit to everyone.

Smart Homes

Modern technology allows us to control lighting, temperature and security in our homes and businesses all on our mobile devices


Drones are big news when it comes to real estate and showing off your properties, and there are also many companies offering very specific training on how to use drones for real estate companies.

3D Cameras

3D tech is constantly improving, which of course makes it more affordable or attainable. There are 3D cameras available that deliver virtual property walk-throughs and at the same time accurately measure the space.

Online Marketplace

Tech like online marketplaces, allows investors and borrowers to connect online, without even speaking to banks or brokers. In terms of sales, it means that projects can easily be funded within the space of a few days if the right connections are made. What a win for real estate that is, right?

Tech advances will only make things easier for people like, stay constantly informed to find new ways you can achieve your goals.

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