Tips For Relocating Your Office

The second half of the year is statistically the busiest time for businesses to move offices. When an office moves, the time that goes into it can take as much as two years of preparation.

However, now it can be much more difficult to find available property in advance that can suit your needs, and planning times may actually be closer to three years. A recent survey of southern state major cities found just that, and it’s no different in Queensland.

Because it can be so difficult to find the ideal location, you need to prepare in other ways for when you are ready to move.

Start Planning Early

You must begin planning processes early. Know who will be doing what, and when it needs to be done by.  Use a blueprint to work out the new office and common space arrangements and decide what new requirements you might have. Appoint a move manager that can facilitate and oversee the whole project. If you have a larger office, it may be someone external.

Find The Best Moving Company

If you have the budget, hire a full-service moving team that can pack as well as load, unload, and unpack.

Allow Staff To Pack Up Their Own Desk

Let your staff know when they will need to be packed up by and let them do it themselves. Make sure it’s done at least the day before down to the essential items.

Prioritise I.T.

The biggest difficulty for moving an office is relocating the I.T. department. Disconnecting and reconnecting your tech is going to be a big process. The larger your office, the bigger it will be. It can take weeks of running cables to get everything right in a new office, so make sure your IT team drafts a solid plan to make it all roll out smoothly.

Get A Handle On Building Rules

Depending on where you are moving to, you may need to request to use the service elevators in advance or only be able to move at certain times of the day, so know what the rules are.

Put Address Change Orders In Place

Update all your documentation in advance of the move. Order new business cards, letterheads, envelopes (if you still use paper) with your new address firmly in place. Don’t forget to let your clients know of the changes in advance.

Because moving can be stressful for everyone in your business, it will pay to have a little reward for your staff at the end of the move. Throw a small office party to say thank you for doing a great job during the move.


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