The Importance Of Great Photos When Selling Or Leasing

Presentation is everything – if you’ve heard this quote before, you should know the importance of delivering a professional representation of anything to do with business. This includes your property – whether you’re selling or leasing. Great photos can be the reason you make a sale; and they can be the difference between finding a good tenant, and a great tenant.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes – would you be interested in buying a property that you can’t view online properly because the images are low quality?

A picture of the property you are leasing, or selling is vital to getting buyers. A photo tells a story about the property. It not only shows potential buyers what the property looks like inside and out, but it showcases the features that entice buyers or renters.

Great photos will engage more people. When people can view your property online, there is more of a chance that they will view it in person. This will constantly increase the number of people viewing your property, in turn creating more opportunities for potential buyers. This kind of traffic is important and can help to create a fast sale or lease of your property.

It creates a good first impression. A well taken photo creates an excellent first impression of the property you are selling and encourages the prospective buyer to take the next step of contacting you.

Gives a complete overview of the property. For someone who has not seen the property in person, good photography can show the size, design and structure of the property.

It’s important you consider hiring professional real estate photographers to ensure you get the best image representation for your property. Talk to the McGees Property team about the options we provide.

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