The 2019-20 Queensland State Budget offers a selection of incentives, rebates and substantial investment into creation of jobs for Queenslanders. However, there are changes affecting landowners across the state that will make many unhappy.

Here is an overview of what the 2019-20 Queensland Budget has to offer.

  • $885 million business boost backing Queensland jobs
  • $5.7 billion towards lowering the cost of living
  • $847.9 billion justice system investment over five years
  • $18.5billion investment in health
  • $14.9billion investment in education and training
  • $515million investment into building our regions program
  • 40,500 jobs to be supported by infrastructure
  • $49.5billion infrastructure program over four years
  • $5.6billion investment on road and transport infrastructure
  • $332.5million youth justice investment over five years
  • $12.941 billion capital works program
  • Critical infrastructure programs and initiatives designed to support the 1.55 million Queenslanders
  • $254 million in additional extreme weather events assistance
  • $80 million Business Development Fund
  • $250 million to CleanCo for renewable energy generation
  • $5.7 billion in concessions for electricity, water, transport, education and housing
  • 2% land tax surcharge for foreign companies and trusts
  • An increase to rates of land tax for holdings over $10million from 1.75 to 2.0 cents for individuals and 2.25 to 2.75 cents for companies
  • An increase to the rate of land tax for holdings over $5million from 2.0 cents to 2.25 cents

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