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McGees Property has been successful selling and leasing commercial property in Brisbane for over 120 years and is still operated under the same fundamental principles now as in 1889. We act in the best interest of our instructing party, our ‘clients’, and we value integrity, professionalism, accountability while adding value in everything we do.

Venturing into the commercial property market is daunting and a very complex environment. This is the world where poor decisions today can have amplified effects in the future. McGees Property lives in this world every day and we know that experience, knowledge, trust and relationships add value and that is what we are offering.

People tend not to care what you know until they know that you care. A core fundamental of McGees Property is to invest in our Industry, Universities, our people and our markets to have a trustworthy brand that you can depend on, in not only good times, but also those challenging ones.

5 great things to learn about McGees Property and its Agency Business

  1. Unlike many commercial real estate agents, McGees Property is entirely owned and operated by working directors; it is not a franchise nor do we take orders from off shore, New York, London, Tokyo or Singapore offices. This means that we take ownership and are ACCOUNTABLE. We tailor our business to our market, and with our people to our clients.
  2. McGees Property has trained agents in the area of Town Planning, Valuation, Sales & Leasing process, Marketing, documentation production and management. They are accountable daily to each property owner and are measured on reducing the time on market (TOM).
  3. Our agents are paid salaries; not retainers or commission only. This means that McGees agents are working under a strict company code of conduct. Their aim is to get you the best outcome and not be captivated by their own interest groups which often happen in the industry.
  4. Our Client Care Program monitors each file and TOM. We want to be known for OUTCOMES in the most cost effective way.
  5. Our agents are geographically focused meaning we value local relationships and have an intimate knowledge of those markets.

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