July 09, 2018

Small Business and Budget

Small business is the real winner in this budget. The Queensland Government continues to implement a variety of small business support plans under the Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20, with $22.7 million being invested to empower small businesses in a changing economy.

Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy 2016-20 - $22.7M

Through the delivery of priority grants and programs to support small businesses, Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy aims to empower small business owners to succeed, start, grow and employ. Key programs providing...


July 09, 2018

Property & new taxes

While new infrastructure investment has been warmly welcomed, there are concerns about where the money is coming from to pay for it.

Property taxes have upsurged in the last year to help top up state reserves and two new property taxes were introduced in this month's budget, targeting foreign investors of assets in Queensland. Land tax thresholds have not been reviewed for a decade, and currently Queensland’s rates are far higher than both Victoria and New South Wales. 

These new taxes mean...


June 20, 2018

Personal Taxes

The biggest winners in this years’ federal budget are the middle and lower income earning citizens. New Tax Cuts and Offsets provide reductions in the effective tax rate via a new tax offset.  It also aims to remove the 37% tax bracket over a seven year period. The amendments to the tax rates will culminate in the removal of the 37% tax bracket by 2025.

Low and Middle Income Tax Offset

This budget has introduced a new Tax Offset titled The Low...


June 19, 2018

Business and the Budget

There were some key announcements made for businesses in the recent Federal Budget for 2018/2019. Small business was a big winner in this year’s budget, with the extension of the $20,000 immediate asset write-off for businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million. Here are some of the big business benefits:

  • The extension has been granted until 30 June 2019. This will be welcomed by farmer groups and regional communities as a key measure for small businesses.  
  • Employee and contractor...


June 16, 2018

Infrastructure in Brisbane Region

One thing is certain about the 2018 Federal Budget announcement just a few weeks ago. There was not a lot in it to excite developers in the Brisbane region. Queensland won't receive a helping hand from the Turnbull government to build the Cross River Rail, and there was no mention of it whatsoever in the $5.2 billion allocated to state infrastructure.


Although the Premier’s obviously favorite program was ignored, Queensland was the second biggest national winner...


June 14, 2018

Property and the budget

Last year’s Federal Budget was described as the housing market budget however, this year’s Federal Budget delivered in May is anything but that. Last year, rising housing costs were an issue Treasurer Scott Morrison recognised was noticed by all Australians. This year there was no such gesture.   As far as residential and commercial property is concerned, there were very few elements of the budget that will have any effect.

There were a few noteworthy things that will, of course, affect some...


June 13, 2018

Federal Budget Overview

This year’s Federal Budget was not a great one for home buyers, but it was a great year for Queensland infrastructure funding. One-fifth of the Federal Government's $24.5 billion to be spent on roads and rail was allocated to the Sunshine State. This allocation is part of a 10 year $75 billion infrastructure commitment from the Federal Government.

Lower income earners get some great tax breaks, and there is a new seven year Personal Income Tax Plan that is set in...


May 28, 2018

Private Sector Investment

As part of South East Queensland’s commitment to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, it has seen a momentous arrival of large scale infrastructure with economic activity reported to be around $17 billion, which includes private development, infrastructure and tourism.

The Parklands precinct on the Gold Coast, which was a redevelopment of the 29-hectare site that housed Gold Coast Parklands, integrates 1,252 dwellings that were used for as games dormitories. These are currently under retrofitting development to convert them into a variety of...


May 25, 2018


As the Gold Coast comes down from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure lies dormant in suburbia waiting for its next moment of glory.

From stadiums and light rail systems to residential complexes and hospitals, the Commonwealth Games brought a lot more than just a sporting event to South-East Queensland. It brought with it years of investment opportunities and jobs, lots and lots of jobs.

One of the most interesting master plans that was put in place before...


May 21, 2018


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games events were spread across 18 world-class facilities located on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville. In groundwork for the events, the Queensland Government delivered three new venues and made major upgrades to other facilities that provide important sport and community amenities for Queensland.

The $320 million sporting infrastructure program was funded by both the Queensland and Australian Governments.


 The new Anna Meares Velodrome is the state’s...


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