May 06, 2019


This election Greens Party have announced many ambitious plans that pledge a high-taxing platform to pay for higher social spending. It includes protection of low-income earners shielded with middle and high-income employees bearing more of the load through bracket creep. Greens will accept the current proposed low-income tax offset if elected but repeal the $144 billion in income tax cuts from the 2018 budget. They will also oppose fluctuations in the 2019 budget to flatten tax rates. They also aim...


April 10, 2019

Easy Commercial Property Energy Upgrades

For commercial property owners, energy is a cost that is always going to be prominent. It's going to be prominent in the eyes of owners, and tenants. The way prices are continually increasing in Australia, it's very unlikely it will be gone from our thoughts any time in the future. Energy bills can be costly to tenants, which can affect how future leases play out.

So, What Can You Do About It As A Commercial Property Owner?

The simplest solution is, of...


April 09, 2019

Buying Strata Property - What You Need To Know

With increasing demand for available property in our capital cities, strata title properties are becoming a far more profitable and desirable option for investors in Queensland. Whether you are looking to purchase or are already searching for your own strata title property, there are some essential components of strata investment that you should research before settling a purchase agreement.

Here are some tips for purchasing strata title property:

Each strata titled asset is represented by an owner’s corporation, which has the responsibility...


April 08, 2019

Industrial Investment: Things to consider

In Brisbane’s current market, there is no doubt that industrial property has a lot of potential to reach substantial yields.  Compared to retail or commercial investments, industrial property also has the capacity for capital growth. Average income for industrial investment properties comes in at least 2% higher than the average retail or office space, making it a much better investment. Capital growth can be as high as 2.5% on top of that, which is undoubtedly a better option for anyone...


April 06, 2019

Tips For Relocating Your Office

The second half of the year is statistically the busiest time for businesses to move offices. When an office moves, the time that goes into it can take as much as two years of preparation.

However, now it can be much more difficult to find available property in advance that can suit your needs, and planning times may actually be closer to three years. A recent survey of southern state major cities found just that, and it’s no different in Queensland.



April 05, 2019

Tips To Finding A Great Space For A Restaurant In Brisbane

 If your dream is about to become a reality of opening your very own restaurant, there are many things you must consider when choosing the right location. Things like council fees for alfresco dining options are important, as well as the amount of foot traffic in the area, future developments in the area and vicinity to other dining options.

Each of these considerations requires planning and research, and to get the dynamics right before you even choose the location is more...


April 04, 2019

2019 Budget Queensland: Update

The 2019 Federal Budget dropped on April 2 and being the first and possibly the last for Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and newly agreed PM Scott Morrison, it has been served up as the platform that may or may not secure votes for the upcoming election.

The 2019 Budget is unique in many ways. The first is that there is a huge catch. Because the Budget has been unveiled so close to an election, there simply isn’t enough time for any...


March 06, 2019

Should You Move Into A New Or Refurbished Office?

When it comes to the evolution and growth of your business, there are many hurdles you may come across when it is time to expand. A common question for business owners is whether to buy or lease a property. Another is whether to expand into a new building or a renovated or refurbished space.

Once again there are many factors that will decide for your business in particular and we have a few pointers for you to help you get to...


March 05, 2019

Should You Lease Your Empty Offices For Co-working Spaces

When your business is booming you may start to look at new options for real estate for the inevitable expansion. Expanding into new premises can be daunting, and if your business is growing at a rate you hadn’t projected you might find yourself in a bit of a predicament when it comes to new space. Do you buy or lease to cover your projected growth, or do you do it to an even bigger growth projection in case things do...


March 04, 2019

Should You Buy Or Lease Commercial Property?

As Australians, it’s been ingrained into our DNA for generations that we should buy our own property. Buy yourself a home as soon as you can, and your life will sort itself out. That has been the traditional way for many families. This way of thinking is also what begins most commercial property portfolios, however what most people fresh into the world of commercial property don’t realise is that compared to buying a home, buying commercial property is very different.



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