January 05, 2018

Pool for an Office

A project that was supposed to be a residential tower is now expected to become a commercial tower with a rooftop pool. The development, Mobo, is located on the corner of Merivale and Tribune streets in South Brisbane and will be a 12-storey sub­tropical office building with 18,000m2 of net lettable area. A rooftop pool was supposed to be the focal point of the residential tower, but will now be the “first of a kind” for a commercial...


January 05, 2018

Positive Year Ahead

The property market in Queensland should continue solid performance in 2018, and could even grow faster than 2017, according to head of research for CoreLogic. Brisbane was likely to see positive conditions in the market, as were regional markets, particularly those in mining areas.


December 20, 2017

Christmas season tips for your commercial property

If you are shutting down over the Christmas break, there are a number of very important things you need to ensure are done if you are leaving your property unattended for a period of time. Most of these might seem like common sense, however reminders never hurt anyone. When it comes to safety and security, common sense rules certainly apply, so if it doesn’t look safe or secure, it probably isn’t. Here is a checklist of basics to help you...


December 18, 2017

Update on major commercial projects

Brisbane has seen a lot of movement in recent months with a number of large projects being applied for and confirmed.

ProBuild Appointed to Begin Work Queen’s Wharf integrated resort development excavation

Destination Brisbane Consortium has announced Probuildas the successful tender for the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane integrated resort development excavation works package. It will be the largest city-based excavation project to occur in Queensland.

Australia’s ‘Best Entertainment Precinct’, Brisbane Live is Now Guaranteed

Brisbane will soon join the ranks of London and Los Angeles...


December 15, 2017

Industrial Property Update

Looking back on the last year, one thing is clear about the Brisbane Industrial property market – it tends to fluctuate. 2017 has seen a reduction of development, which means there are less properties becoming available.

In the North, prime capital values currently range from between $1,500/m2 to $2,000/m2, while secondary properties were coming in at between $800/m2 and $1,300/m2.

Capital values in the Industrial South & South-West area range from between $1,450/m2 to $2,000/m2, while secondary properties were coming in at...


December 14, 2017

Commercial Property Update

According to the Property Council of Australia, Brisbane’s office market vacancy and capital value rates have remained relatively steady since Q1 of 2017.

Demand for space is positive however it has taken a downturn from the long-term historic averages for Brisbane. Brisbane property investment remains strong thanks to attractive net face rents fixed with high yields.

The CBD office market continues to be one of the country’s best performing CBD markets in recent years, however recent figures show Brisbane CBD with a...


December 13, 2017

Major Findings from the Census

The 2016 Census was the largest in Australian history, and the results have come in during October showing manyinteresting details about where our country, and Queensland is headed.

South East Queensland housed 71.1% of the state’s population and provided 69.5% of the state’s jobs in 2016.  Housing statistics show a decrease of more than 32% of people who have paid off their mortgages (since 2011). There has been a shift towards renting, with nearly 31% now paying a landlord, up from...


December 11, 2017

Top 10 News Stories 2017

The first half of 2017 saw massive growth in and around Brisbane, and the second half, although not entirely over yet, has had some very bignews within the market. Here are 10 of the biggest news stories we’ve followed in the second half of the year:

  1. The new McDonald’s store in the Queen Street Mall opened in October in the 1000sq m space that was home Jo-Jo’s restaurant on the corner of Albert St, making it the largest McDonald’s restaurant in Australia,...


December 10, 2017

Retail Market Update

The CBD and fringe markets are experiencing strong performance as the inner-city population increases. High end fashion boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants are the major buyers and tenants. According to the ABS, Australian retail turnover remained unchanged in July 2017 following a rise of 0.2% in June.

In Brisbane CBD, the Queen Street Mall remains the most popular area for property, and one of the most expensive in the country. Brisbane’s CBD retail property market has seen extremely high capital values...


November 21, 2017

Why SEO is key to getting your properties at the top of Google (and sold or leased faster)

Lead generation strategies are a crucial part of survival in the real estate business, and to achieve your goals you need to succeed with your SEO (search engine optimization). If you’ve been working on your SEO in the past 5 years or so, you’ll probably have an ever-changing relationship with it. At times, you’ve probably just thought ‘what a waste of my time’ and other times when you’ve done something that worked well, you’ve thought ‘finally, I can get on...


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