October 10, 2019

Redland Bay’s Strategic Regional Planning

There are several projects being undertaken across Redland City that fall into the master planning model for the bayside suburbs. Redland City Council acquired an 1859 square metres strategic parcel of prime waterfront land with panoramic views in May 2019, next to Cleveland Lighthouse and Cleveland Point Recreation Reserve. The parcel of land is considered of great historical and community value, and the land use is yet to be determined.

In April 2019 Redland City Council also signed an agreement with the Australian...


October 09, 2019

Logan City Region Moving In Leaps And Bounds

There is no doubt the City of Logan region is undergoing some incredible changes and moving forward in leaps and bounds. The creation of the new 7,000 hectares Greater Flagstone megacity housing development will create one of the largest cities in Australia. The greater Flagstone projects coupled with the neighbouring2000-hectare Yarrabilba development comes many investment opportunities.

The new megacity has not only been granted the largest infrastructure deal in Australian history ($1.2billion for delivery of roads and other infrastructure), but it is...


October 08, 2019

Ipswich Tracking For Urban Design

Ipswich continues to be a solid growth area in the south East. With high-level flooding in recent years forcing the local council to reconsider their development options, it has created a new plan for the city that not only works in a Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) but opens up the city for development on a new scale, and investors are lapping it up.

Ipswich Council has recently identified the Bundamba Creek Catchment values, threats and opportunities as part of future...


October 07, 2019

Moreton Bay Master Planning Fruition

When it comes to regional master planning, Moreton Bay Regional Council is seeing its fair share of interesting projects coming to fruition. The Redcliffe Peninsula is a focal point of the Moreton Bay Masterplan, intending to increase tourism for the region.

From floating pontoons and artificial reefs to ferry services and barge transfers to Moreton Island, the whole masterplan is based on attracting tourism dollars. With the Sunshine and Gold Coasts attracting far greater tourist numbers, Greater Brisbane is seeking to...


October 06, 2019


The regional areas surrounding Brisbane showcase constantly changing landscapes, with developments in commercial, retail, industrial and residential all finding their places in the plans for a quickly expanding South East. Behind the changes, there is a lot of money and even more planning. So how does the ever-changing landscape find its path? And how does each suburb or region keep to a consistent path of continuity, so nothing looks too out of place in the existing layout? The answer is...


September 10, 2019

What Is Facilities Management And Do You Need It?

As a property owner, you want to do whatever it takes to protect your property. One of the most logical methods is through facilities management. Facilities management helps secure long-term growth through the protection of your investment and is commonly used to define the operational management of the commercial property.

The primary purpose of hiring a facilities manager is to ensure someone oversees the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the property. Facility managers also ensure the property runs efficiently and looks its...


September 09, 2019

Queensland’s Infrastructure Pipeline Part 2

The Queensland Infrastructure Pipeline has a range of confirmed and unconfirmed projects in the works. With a key focus on jobs, and expanding our highways, making better roads hospitals and schools, the next four years will be all systems go for the state. Here are some of the confirmed projects in the pipeline.

  • $12.6 billion Bruce Highway upgrade program aimed at improving safety, flood resilience and capacity along the length of the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and Cairns.
  • $461 million Logan Hospital...


September 08, 2019

Queensland’s Infrastructure Pipeline Part 1

The Queensland Government has released its proposal for major infrastructure projects across the State, estimating 40,000 new jobs and a $17b boost to the economy. Twenty-five projects, totalling $17 billion have been listed in the Building Queensland Infrastructure Pipeline.

The large list of projects includes dredging of the Gladstone Port to allow for larger ships, extra schools, new hospitals and hospital renovations. It also includes upgrades to the Bruce Highway and M1, new dams, the $2.1 billion Brisbane Live entertainment precinct,...


September 07, 2019

What Is An Outgoings Audit And Why Do You Need It?

If you’re new to commercial property ownership and investment, there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time (before your first financial year ends). One especially important thing you need to learn a little about is an Outgoings Audit.

So, What Is An Outgoings Audit?

At the end of each financial year, your commercial Property Manager is required to supply an audited annual statement for the property, based on their apportion-able outgoings. This audited annual statement needs to be...


August 12, 2019

Victoria Park Golf Course Redevelopment

Brisbane City Council has a plan in place to redevelop the 26-hectare Council-owned Victoria Park Golf Course into an Urban Parkland like New York’s Central Park.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner recently announced that the currently used ‘pay to play golf course’ would be converted into large scale public reserve, to deliver Brisbane’s largest public park in 50 years. There has been a stable decline in patronage at the Victoria Park Golf Course in recent years, which has resulted in a huge...


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