March 28, 2018

Eagle Street

Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier is set for transformation with the Palaszczuk government announcing the decision to progress to the next stage of Dexus’ proposal for a full feasibility study to redevelop the waterfront precinct. The proposal will see parts of Eagle Street pier demolished to create more cycle and pedestrian space, while also creating 1.5 hectares of public and riverfront open space. This will include public terraces and a new Riverwalk section. The proposal – which will now proceed to...


March 22, 2018

Virtual reality and real estate

Technology is advancing, and it’s hitting the real estate industry hard.  Each day there are new innovations to help us become better and more advanced at what we do. As consumers become smarter and more hands-on in the process of buying property than ever before, we as agents must come up with new ways to get their attention and keep it.

One of the best tools available to real estate agents right now is VR or Virtual Reality, which let you...


March 19, 2018

Best Apps for Commercial Real Estate in Brisbane

Consumers and the way that they buy things have changed dramatically in the last ten years, and as agents you need to keep up with the technology to ensure the sales keep coming your way. There are a bunch of apps that you can now use to make every aspect of your business smoother and simpler, and as consumers become needier and more informed, it pushes agents just like you to change and adapt.

Not long ago, contracts took forever to...


March 16, 2018

New Facebook technology for real estate

To keep in tune with technology you really need to be in full control of your Facebook business account. With new algorithms making it even more difficult to connect with your followers, we now must come up with new innovative ways to stay in front.

Luckily for real estate agents, Facebook have recently added one very interesting element that truly is an advantage for real estate agents, and that is the option for property rentals and sales through the Facebook marketplace...


March 13, 2018

New technologies changing the real estate market

Technology is changing the real estate, there is no doubt about it. Every day we are introduced to new tech that will make our jobs and lives easier. Digitisation and automation are becoming things that are essential for business survival, and you will at least be using one form of tech every 5 minutes that without it, your life would be chaos.

Most industries have incorporated technological changes into the core of their business, and real estate is certainly not an exception.




March 09, 2018

Useful functions of Androids / iPhone For Real Estate

Smartphones are essential in the world of real estate, not just for agents, but for managers and even more so, for the consumer. Understanding how the consumer uses mobile phones is very important for the future of your business, so you should be taking a few tips from yourself about how you browse on your phone versus how you are implementing those techniques into your business.

Useful functions of smartphones for agents 

Mobile phones have so many functions for an agent it’s...


March 02, 2018

Crestmead Deal

Sentinel Property Group has bought an office-warehouse at 116 Magnesium Drive, Crestmead. The 6,195m2 building, on a 1.6 hectare site, was sold for $9.6 million. The property, which is leased to gates and fencing manufacturer Oxworks, was sold at a passing initial yield of 8.82%. The site can also be strata-titled into three separate lots.


March 02, 2018

The Commonwealth Games & Property

When Sydney hosted the Olympic Games in 2000, the event had a major effect on the property market across not only New South Wales, but into south-east Queensland as well. With some events held in Brisbane, the Olympics proved to be a drawcard for visitors and investors alike. So can we expect the same from the Commonwealth Games in March-April 2018?

The short answer is yes.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games is estimated to bring around $2 billion into the economy on the...


March 01, 2018

Development Application

State Government owned Queensland Investment Corporation has submitted a development application for the refurbishment of three existing CBD commercial towers at 111 George Street, 33 Charlotte Street and 54 Mary Street as well as the construction of a new 39-storey (42 level) commercial tower at 62 Mary Street. Under the proposed plans, an integrated, ‘whole of site’ development with a more permeable and pedestrian-orientated ground floor environment would be created. In addition, the new 42,319m2 commercial tower which...


February 28, 2018

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation in Queensland is emerging as one of the fastest growing investment platforms for investors who want to move away from the norm, according to reports this week. Brisbane has led the way with purpose built student accommodation, which is a strong growing sector in Australia – making it attractive to local and offshore investors.


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