Refer Queensland Globe


Last month we talked about some of the technology that has hit the property market. Since then, we’ve been introduced to Refer Queensland Globe – a fantastic tool that turns physical, geographical and spatial data about a particular location into map format.

It is particularly useful for land valuations, allowing you to view annual statutory land valuation data. The idea is to help you understand your valuation – and the local property market – better.

It displays land valuations for the 22 local authorities receiving annual land valuations in 2018, plus the current valuations for the remaining local authorities.

You can find the following information:

  • property identification number (Property ID) – a unique number given to every property
  • real property description – the legal description of the lands contained within the valuation
  • total lots – number of lots included in the property valuation
  • current valuation – valuation determined at the last valuation date (prior to this year’s valuation).
  • current valuation date – date at which last valuation was determined (prior to this year’s valuation)
  • new valuation – valuation determined at this year’s valuation.
  • new valuation date – date at which this year’s valuation occurred
  • area – the size (area of land) of the property being valued
  • valuation rate – rate per hectare (ha) or square metres (m2)
  • locality
  • local government area
  • valuation type (unimproved or site value)

You can check it out here:

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