Queensland Budget 2018-19

The Queensland Labor government describes this as a ‘Budget for The Future’ which will provide a $985.5 million capital program and$17.3 billion in operating funding. There will be major investments in public hospital and ambulance services, research and scientific services and community health services.

The focus of the Government’s latest budget is jobs for Queenslanders, continuing the trend of job growth which has seen over 150,000 jobs created in the last 3 years. There will be a $45.8 billion capital program over the next four years that will deliver essential infrastructure to meet the demands of our rapidly-growing state. The infrastructure program of course brings jobs to the tune of tens of thousands each year.

The public infrastructure will drive the transformative change within the state and will encourage private investment as well as creating easier access through the south-eastern corridor. From major highway upgrades to rail line duplications, the budget aims to make it easier for residents of Queensland to get around.  

It is estimated that the capital works program will directly create or support over 38,000 jobs in the first year alone.

The budget aims to create new jobs, it creates infrastructure to make travel easier in major areas and it aims to improve quality of living for Queenslanders which will draw investors and money to the state.

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