QLD Election Results Overview

After her surprise win in the 2015 election, there were many who called Annastacia Palaszczuk the “accidental Premier”. But after winning the next election in 2017, and after the millions of votes were tallied this year, it seems that Queenslanders have elected her to lead the state yet again for her third term in office.

This has been a somewhat peculiar election with the state’s economy and borders both influenced by the ongoing global pandemic, but Premier Palaszczuk’s unrelenting message about keeping Queenslanders safe was ultimately highly effective.

The Labor election campaign was hinged almost entirely on the broad popularity and appeal of Premier Palaszczuk, which helped the party gain the votes she needed to cross the line victoriously. In fact, Labor recorded a swing of over 5.0% across the state winning Ms Palaszczuk her historic third term, while the Liberal National Party and One Nation both tanked.

It turns out that older voters who deserted Labor during last year’s Federal Election over the scare campaign concerning franking credits and a so called “death tax” were very supportive of the tough border closures and other measures taken to contain the spread of the virus. Ultimately, it was these retiree voters who were key to securing Labor’s victory.

When tasked with defending its recent economic record and high rate of unemployment, Labor delivered the same message that they had kept us safe during the pandemic, and would do the same for Queensland throughout the economic recovery process.

Annastacia Palaszczuk said repeatedly during the election campaign that she stared down relentless attacks and stayed strong on behalf of the state when it came to the state borders. She said that she wouldn’t apologise for anything she did to keep us safe, so maybe now her nickname should become the “pandemic Premier”.

The following articles are based on the promises she made before being elected – which we’ll be keeping an eye on over the next few years.

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