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We are required to adhere to the National Privacy Principles when we collect, use, disclose or store an individual’s personal information.

Without recording certain personal information it is not possible for us to conduct our business and to provide the range and quality of service which our clients and customers (both current and prospective) are entitled to expect of us.

By collecting and maintaining the currency of this information

  • we are able to attend to the administration and provision of the services we render
  • determine ongoing requirements for services to clients and customers
  • assess how our services can be improved
  • take steps to strengthen our ongoing business relationships
  • comply with the Law as and when required in the conduct of business
  • We will not use information collected for any other purpose.

Personal information may be collected in a variety of ways and this may include:

  • an enquiry to us about a property we have available for sale or lease
  • an enquiry to us seeking to purchase or lease a particular type of property
  • an invitation to us to provide a services proposal
  • an instruction to us to provide an agency, property asset management, valuation or professional service
  • during the process of delivery of any of these services
  • any unsolicited discussion we might have with any person howsoever originated, relating to our business and any property related matter

There may be occasions when we collect personal information from other sources:

  • referral from other parties
  • information available in the public domain which when related to personal information we already hold could then be considered to be sensitive
  • We do not collect sensitive personal information.

In terms of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001 which came into force in December 2001 we are to obtain express consent to any collection, disclosure or use of any information which we may collect in the course of our dealing with you. We do reserve the right to accept verbal consent to do so in this respect from time to time.

In circumstances where we are provided with personal information by an instructing party, such as a financier to whom we provide Valuation and Professional Services, we are bound by the same privacy rules as govern its conduct.

Any personal information collected by us will be maintained so that we can continue our business of providing a range of quality property services and to maintain our contact with clients and customers through periodic provision of property data, which we consider to be of value or interest. A person has the right to request that we do not provide this data.

The Act allows a person to have access to and to correct any personal information, which we may hold.

Protection of personal information is important to us and we take particular care to ensure this through:

  • Confidentiality Agreements with all our staff
  • adherence by our staff to our Privacy Policy
  • continued upgrading of our IT system and practices
  • We undertake that personal information will not be disclosed to any party outside McGees National Property Consultants unless it is our statutory obligation to do so and then only after observance by the enquiring authority of the appropriate process.

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