Other projects changing the landscape of Brisbane in 2019

Other large projects that are changing the landscape dramatically across the city include The Cross River Rail Project. In April, the Queensland Government announced the companies selected to build the $5.4 billion project that will enable extra network capacities required for higher frequency public transport connecting and supporting other network growth projects.

The Tunnel, Stations and Development public private partnership will be delivered by PULSE (CIMIC Group, CPB Contractors, Pacific Partnerships, and UGL with partners BAM,DIF, and Ghella). The Rail, Integration and Systems alliance will be delivered by UNITY Alliance (CPB Contractors, AECOM and Jacobs, UGL, HASSELL, Acmena, RCS Australia, Martinus Rail and Wired Overhead Solutions). The European Train Control System will be by Hitachi Rail STS. The $5.4 billion project will be operational in 2024.

The project to convert Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier into a first-class business and leisure terminus known as Dexus Waterfront Precinct is in the process of changing the waterfront landscape, as is the Queen’s Wharf precinct redevelopment which will change the face of Brisbane forever. These projects are both delivering change to the city that will set the bar high for riverfront CBD projects into the future.

Common elements to feature each new project in the CBD are of course enhanced public open spaces integrated into these huge commercial development projects. It sets a new precedent for projects that don’t take this into consideration and is changing the landscape into something usable for everyone, not just for private use.

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