New Facebook technology for real estate

To keep in tune with technology you really need to be in full control of your Facebook business account. With new algorithms making it even more difficult to connect with your followers, we now must come up with new innovative ways to stay in front.

Luckily for real estate agents, Facebook have recently added one very interesting element that truly is an advantage for real estate agents, and that is the option for property rentals and sales through the Facebook marketplace app.

Facebook’s latest move into real estate signifies a calculated threat to a range of prevailing agencies, and it is offering a powerful new choice of where they can spend money to find new leads.

Facebook has always played a small role in the marketing portfolio of real estate professionals, however it never built features that accommodated real estate professionals and consumers so directly.

The new rentals section of Facebook marketplace now features new filters that include rental type, number of bedrooms, location, pet friendliness and even more.

Recently Facebook also launched another feature that caters for real estate agents across the globe with dynamic ads for Facebook, which allows brokerages and agencies deliver live listings directly to their Facebook users.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate allows you to automatically promote your listings directly on Facebook. Once you have set up a real estate catalogue that lists the items you sell, like buildings and land options you can create customised ads for each listing. These can be constantly updated and there is even an option for batch uploading so you can do all your work at once, or partial uploads so that you can create or change anything you wish.

This new function also allows you to build your audience using the data collected by your customised ads.

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