Moreton Transformation Starts Here

Here are some of the projects set to transform Moreton Bay region:

The Mill

The Mill at Moreton Bay is Southeast Queensland’s largest mixed-use development, with hectares of land available for large-scale commercial and residential developments. Council-owned land in Moreton Bay totals 65 hectares of urban mixed-use development and 110 hectares of green space. Priority Development Area (PDA) for the Mill at Moreton Bay was established on September 2, 2016. Petrie, Kallangur, and Lawnton are all within commuting distance. Redcliffe Peninsula Line and Lawnton Pocket Road form the PDA’s boundaries on both sides of Lawnton Pocket Road.

Caboolture West

Neighbourhood Development Plan 1 (NDP1), the first stage of Caboolture West’s development, was announced as a pilot project for the Growth Areas Team in March 2021. The idea is that Caboolture West will be transformed into a new significant regional urban centre with up to 30,000 additional homes and 70,000 residents over the next 40 years. The strategically planned community will have six retail centres and a TAFE facility, three secondary schools, nine primary schools, and a private hospital in its central town centre.

North Harbour Tourism Hub

It is expected that by 2035, North Harbour will be a world-class recreation and tourism destination that also provides modern and innovative community living options for its residents. The $2.7 billion, 785-hectare master plan includes a marina with 400 berths, a mixed-use business and industrial sector, a residential village with 4,700 house sites, and 420 ha of open space for the local people to enjoy.

Air Taxi Tech Hub

Australian Skyportz infrastructure for air taxis will be built in Moreton Bay in 2023 at the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence. The air taxi hub will service the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane. Australian Federal and State governments are cooperating with Skyportz to help set standards, laws and zones that would allow Skyportz “mini airports” to be established in new places around cities and regional centres.

SEQ Northern Freight Terminal

An intermodal facility north of Caboolture has been identified as a possible location for a future intermodal facility. For the Northern Freight Terminal, the Queensland government has put together a working group. An intermodal terminal could provide jobs directly related to terminal operations (e.g., warehousing) and indirectly (e.g., transportation, postal and warehousing, wholesaling), as well as a driver for commercial/industrial growth.

Scarborough Harbour

Moreton Bay’s marine facilities may become the centre of Australia’s $74 billion marine sector if a master plan is developed that expands on Scarborough’s marine facilities. This would create huge opportunities for tourist and maritime companies. The lively maritime area is expected to be reinvigorated by the construction of a hotel, museum, research centre, and community structures.

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