Moreton Bay Master Planning Fruition

When it comes to regional master planning, Moreton Bay Regional Council is seeing its fair share of interesting projects coming to fruition. The Redcliffe Peninsula is a focal point of the Moreton Bay Masterplan, intending to increase tourism for the region.

From floating pontoons and artificial reefs to ferry services and barge transfers to Moreton Island, the whole masterplan is based on attracting tourism dollars. With the Sunshine and Gold Coasts attracting far greater tourist numbers, Greater Brisbane is seeking to get a larger portion of the market for itself, by making it more attractive as a destination.

The masterplan has been in the process for several years through the Moreton Maritime Alliance, which is overseen by Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce President, Brad Flynn.

State Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones recently commented on the importance of Moreton Bay for tourism growth in Queensland and made a push for the barge to Moreton Island to enable day tripping.

The masterplan for the region might be dedicated to increasing tourism, but this opens up a lot of opportunities for other investors. Where there are tourist dollars, there are investor profits to be made. Expecting an explosion of potential tourism booms in these areas will attract new areas of investment, with expansion soon to be needed in all aspects of existing areas.

However, the expenses of masterplanning to create a more tourist-friendly area, come from the pockets of the ratepayers. With almost $1 billion in planned infrastructure required to balance out the incredibly high level of new residential property development (40,000 homes) planned for the next two decades, it will come at a cost.

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