The regional areas surrounding Brisbane showcase constantly changing landscapes, with developments in commercial, retail, industrial and residential all finding their places in the plans for a quickly expanding South East. Behind the changes, there is a lot of money and even more planning. So how does the ever-changing landscape find its path? And how does each suburb or region keep to a consistent path of continuity, so nothing looks too out of place in the existing layout? The answer is Master Planning. 

It’s extremely important for local councils and government leaders to have a comprehensive understanding of community relationships, developer limitations, economic development and the overall quality of life of the residents who have invested heavily in the local areas to create a unique location in every sense.

Master Planning processes play a huge role in enabling local decision-makers to prioritise space for parks and recreation as well as keeping a uniform appearance in a community in everything from gutter shape to the types of plants allocated to median strips. Master planning sets control measures in place for height and density restrictions, while still allowing for growth.

In and around Brisbane, there are many regional Master Plans in place or at least in progress for the advancement of each specific region. From Redcliffe foreshore to Logan’s Master planned mega-city, plenty is going on in and around the Southeast, and it is beginning to display many benefits in all aspects of development investment.

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