Market Byte – Australian Dealerships 2021

Australian dealerships returned to a successful year of sales in 2021, achieving just short of 1,050,000 new car sales according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries VFACTS data. This 2021 volume being greater than one million sales for the year is a return to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels as seen in the below month on month totals.

Toyota sold the most cars for 2021 which is its 25th year as Australia’s best-selling brand. Furthermore, it is the only brand in the country to sell more than 200,000 vehicles in the year with Mazda second selling 101,119 cars. For the 6th year running, the Toyota HiLux finished the year as Australia’s best-selling vehicle with 52,801 sales. The Toyota RAV4 was the number 1 selling SUV (35,751 sales) while the Toyota Corolla was the nations most sold passenger car (28,768 sales) for the year.

Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries VFACTS and McGees Property

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