Logan City Region Moving In Leaps And Bounds

There is no doubt the City of Logan region is undergoing some incredible changes and moving forward in leaps and bounds. The creation of the new 7,000 hectares Greater Flagstone megacity housing development will create one of the largest cities in Australia. The greater Flagstone projects coupled with the neighbouring2000-hectare Yarrabilba development comes many investment opportunities.

The new megacity has not only been granted the largest infrastructure deal in Australian history ($1.2billion for delivery of roads and other infrastructure), but it is set to house more than 200,000 people by the time it is completed. What this brings to the table is the need for local jobs, which brings the need for local industry. And of course, all this means for investors looking to build new commercial or industrial property, the time to move is now.

The land is still cheap enough that it is worth the investment. There are already thousands of locals working in the construction industry in the area, ready to take on new work, and with close proximity to Brisbane, Logan, Beenleigh and the Gold Coast, it opens up endless possibilities for different types of industry.

With much of the area around the Greater Flagstone area still undeveloped, and the project set to take another 45 odd years to complete, it certainly has developer and investor attention. It has incredible potential for growth, and the region has complete Government support across the board for anyone wanting to spend their money in the newest Queensland region.

The masterplan was approved in 2010 and is expected to carry out through to 2066.

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