The Commonwealth Games brought serious infrastructure upgrades to South East Queensland, with the installation of the light rail network on the Gold Coast directly linking Brisbane to the tourist capital.

The Queensland Government funded and built Stage 2 of the Gold Coast Light Rail in record time for $420 million. They also built the $163 million duplicate tracks of the Gold Coast heavy rail section between Coomera and Helensvale, to ensure more trains were able to transport people to the Games.

There was also more than $160 million invested in upgrades of key local road infrastructure, and the Gold Coast City invested more than $100 million into transport upgrades which includes investment in infrastructure that promotes active travel.

The long-term benefits that the event has carried to South East Queensland include a transport legacy we can enjoy long after the Games have ended.

As well as Queensland based venue infrastructure, the legacy program has funded minor capital works to deliver a range of benefits to the community. The Games have brought major upgrades to the State’s sporting venues with the construction or upgrade to 24 sites between Coolangatta and Cairns. And with venue upgrades, comes road infrastructure and upgrades to cater for the influx of tourists visiting for the event.

The benefits of the light rail upgrades and road infrastructure around sporting venues will have a positive impact for years to come, allowing better access to sporting events, as well as easier transport options between the capital city and the tourism capital city. The light rail network boasts positive spin-offs for the community, economy and the environment.


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