Importance of social media in real estate

When it comes to real estate, (or any business), social media is a tool that you simply cannot live without. In 2017, humans think, act, and buy differently than ever before, and social media platforms need to be utilised to benefit your sales targets. Facebook has over 2 billion users making it one of the most valuable marketing tools for real estate, and agents are using it like never before.

Did you know that mobile users check their phones 160 times a day? Did you also know that on average each person has 3-4 connected devices (yes – 3 to 4 EACH PERSON). 90% of millennials (16-34 year old’s) are online every day, 75% of them are online via a mobile device and 40% of them do their research into products or services they wish to buy via a smartphone.

Gone are the days where people under 35 are living with parents, renting or buying just one property to stay with for the rest of their lives. Millennials are racking up huge amounts of property, starting businesses and buying investment and commercial property, and they do most of it online. If this isn’t reason enough to get your social media platforms into line, then here are some more reasons.

Through these platforms people research for the best deals, they can also purchase from almost any place on earth, and if you offer what they are after, they WILL buy what you are selling, if you are in the game to begin with. It goes for all business, and especially now, it is relevant in real estate, both residential and commercial.

Interested buyers can browse through social platforms to visit pages that show new listings, photos and video tours, open home dates or times, and now, with Facebook’s newest aim to get real estate business boosted into everyone’s news feeds, it’s time to start using your social correctly.

Facebook recently launched its first venture into the real estate industry by giving brokers the chance to advertise real estate listings on social media. Titled ‘Dynamic Ads for Real Estate’, this remarkable digital tool takes data from your company’s website (via a merge with Facebook ads)and it uses your listings to create ads based on search activity on your website’s listing data.

This new technology will keep Facebook and Instagram users engaged far longer on your page, and of course boost revenue on advertising, and in turn, your sales.

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