Importance of automating simple tasks to help you work better

Time management is one of the keys to success in commercial real estate. With so much going on in the limited time you have during each week, you need to ensure that limited time is as constructive as possible. So how do you do this without having to retrain yourself with new programs and apps that save your time?

The simple answer is you don’t. Unfortunately, what you must do to succeed is to adapt. You must adapt, and to do that, you must retrain the way you think, retrain the way you do things, and essentially, retrain everything you have learned before now.

The best way to time manage yourself is by automating the simplest of tasks. If you’re old school, and insist on written versions of everything, but run out of time because of it, there was never a better time to change your ways than right now.

So what processes do you need to automate? If you think about the time difference between writing something down, compared to speaking it, there is one simple answer. There are hundreds of apps, including one that is built into most smart phones that will type what you say as you say it. Little things like this will save you hours every week.

Consider this; every one of the time-consuming processes that take the most time out of your day to perform have had someone who was annoyed with that process who just thought “I’ve had enough!!!” and since their epiphany, they have been working tirelessly to create a new process to streamline that outdated time-consuming process; and thanks to them, there is now most likely an app for it. 

The best tool you have right now for automating simple tasks to enable you to work better is Google. Simply search for the best way to perform a task, and it’s guaranteed to have at least 3 million answers ready to go.

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