A little bit of fun!

Ideas To Spark The Festive Spirit In Your Business.

Getting your office team into the festive spirit can be tricky, whether you work in the property industry – or anything else. Not everyone loves and/or celebrates Christmas as much as you, however everyone wants to feel a part of a community, so consider how you can make the holiday season relevant to everyone and bring your team closer together.

 Here are a few ideas that we have for you!

  1. Decorate the office, shop or workspace – a Christmas tree, wreaths, ornaments and tinsels add energy to an office, big or small.
  2. Work Christmas Party or BBQ – don’t be a cheapskate. If you’re unable to be lavish, then create a Christmas party for your team. It can be as simple as a Friday afternoon picnic or BBQ in the park, with lunch and a few drinks provided. Allow your team to bring kids and significant others where possible too. By giving them a paid afternoon or a few hours off work and time to bond as a team, you’re more likely to drive long-term productivity.
  3. Create an events team for your office (year-round) – invite team members from different areas of the business to be the office events team and create office breakfasts, lunches, celebrations and out-of-office excursions once a month. It will do wonders for teambuilding and the events don’t necessarily have to include alcohol.
  4. Be inclusive. Celebrate everyone’s cultural occasions (year-round) – if you have a team with mixed cultural backgrounds and nationalities, make an effort to celebrate key events on their cultural calendar all year around, so that when it comes close to Christmas, they’re more likely to want to get involved when it comes time for the festive season, even if it’s not generally a part of their own cultural tradition. E.g. Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Greek Easter, Diwali (India).
  5. Visit from Secret Santa – imagine receiving a thoughtful gift for under $20 that shows your team that you know who they are, what they love and that you appreciate them. This is always best delivered by Santa – get the funny girl or guy of the office to dress-up, make it a surprise and you’re sure to get some laughs. 

The simple things are what mean the most to your team, show that you care and will leave them entering the holiday season with a smile on their face.

Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


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