How Will Ulster Lane Transform The CBD

A development application has been submitted for a comprehensive redevelopment of Ulster Lane by Aria Property Group. Ulster Lane is a private laneway, which is attached to Aria’s 171 Edward Street property in the Brisbane CBD.

The redevelopment plans will revitalise Ulster Lane by removing the current servicing and car parking purpose to create retail, dining and entertainment precinct in the laneway.

The proposal is another in the long list of Brisbane’s laneway revitalisation trend and will include the establishment of a restaurant and bar at the rear of the laneway, as well as a new café tenancy, and internal building reconfiguration for retail/commercial tenancies. Second mezzanine levels and a food venue container have been proposed for the rear of the laneway.

The development includes a full reconfiguration of Level 1 to incorporate the possibilities of a bar, hotel, or retail tenants.

Lighting, paving, landscaping and seating as well as the addition of a new lift and semi-external stairs, new gates and security measures, are all in the new plan for the laneway in an underused area of the CBD.

The city has a plan in place to revitalise and convert laneways into activated public spaces. Ulster Lane is going to provide locals and tourists with a unique dining and entertainment option.

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