How to use the digital age to your advantage as a real estate agent

Technology is influencing massive changes in real estate and a majority of buyers use the internet to find new properties. Every year we get further away from being first point of call as real estate agencies or agents, and even though we are still required for most of the services, buyers have the advantage of a plethora of online marketplaces where they can search and search until they find what suits them, rather than have an agent find it for them.

In a sense, it takes away a lot of the hard work for agents, removing a lot of the guess work, allowing the buyer to make their decisions along the way, however it also takes away the repour agents build to get sales, it if you don’t have the properties that suit in your portfolio, they won’t even be approaching you. It makes competition a lot fiercer, and it makes it so much more important to make sure your digital game is more than strong, but unbeatable.

In coming years, the agents who are above the pack in the digital game will be miles in front of those who aren’t.

How is your digital game? What are you doing to be in the lead at the finish line?

Whether you are a solo agent, or work for a big firm, what you MUST HAVE is solid strategy. Your strategy will not build itself, you must create it, and you must create it better than any other arsenal you have.

Here are a few strategies to help your real estate marketing game improve.

Your contact lists are everything in this modern real estate era, so make your website a landing page to build your contact list. There are many simple plug-ins that can attach to your website to grab email addresses when people visit your site, so use them. Email addresses and phone numbers are what you need to get, once you have them, you have a variety of different channels to target with your marketing. Remember not to spam anyone of course.

Start a referral program, keep in touch with clients

Never underestimate the power of personal touch. Referrals and personal contacts will always drive a portion of your sales. Get connected and get your connections to connect with you, that’s the name of this game.

Overhaul your digital presence constantly.

Ensure all your branding is in place, contact details are up to date, make sure your happy clients leave reviews on your social pages, don’t be afraid to ask them to do it, if they say no, what have you lost? If they say yes, it builds your brand. You’d be amazed at how many people have already come to you via good reviews.

Pick up the phone

Once you have your contact list, start using it. Spread the word to attract new business, phone calls still drive sales as much as any other communication. Text messages are a great way to start a conversation that can end up in a sale. Don’t be shy, text away.

Have a solid social media presence. It should be front and centre of your marketing campaign. Update daily with new listings, images of happy clients, and local news and events. Make your social show you are personable and professional.

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