If you’ve ever sold a property before, whether residential or commercial, the concept of first impressions is relatable. Preparing a property for sale in the form of staging is critical to the successful sale. Staging takes the focus away from negative elements of the property and focusses on getting the property to the state of ‘ready to move in’ or ‘ready to buy.’ What this means, is you make the property ready for immediate occupancy. This includes the cleanliness of the property and well-maintained landscaping. The last thing potential buyers want to worry about is having to deal with rubbish removal or fixing gardens. This should all be tended to by you, before the property goes to sale or up for lease.

Here are some of the ways you can easily prepare your property for sale or lease.

Make sure gardens, trees and shrubs are all neatly trimmed.  Ensure the grassed areas are kept mowed, with healthy looking grass. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to spread a bit of fertiliser onto a lawn to increase the aesthetic appeal. Spending even a couple of thousand dollars on your new plants, or removing older ones, and other areas of the landscaping will add value.

Parking Area / Driveway
Consider resealing or repairing your carpark, loading dock or driveway if it needs repair. If it is very stained there are many ways you can remove the marks. Hire a professional if the job is too big for yourself to do. Simple things like re-marking lines can add a lot of aesthetic value.

Building Exterior
Hire a cleaning service to lean the building exteriors. Everything from gutters, awnings, windows and walls need to be clean. It will be worth the investment.

Replace any windows that might be cracked or broken.

Ensure the roof is in 100% condition. This could be the most important aspect of the building, and if it is not at 100%, it could mean a sale falls through. No buyer or renter wants to move into a property that leaks. When expensive machinery and products are involved, it’s important that they are protected. Make any repairs that are needed.

Following these simple guidelines is just the beginning. The best way to think about it, is by asking yourself if you would be happy if you bought a property and it was in the condition you are selling it as.


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