Although commercial property markets have been moderate in recent years, there are still some issues surrounding tenants that make it difficult for landlords to remain stress-free and happy with their tenant choices. The biggest issue for commercial property owners is to find tenants that are ideal for their needs.

If you are wondering how you can make your property more attractive to great tenants, here are some tips.

High Quality Internet Connection

For many businesses, the internet is essential to survival and if a building has bad connectivity, a business will suffer so you need to ensure you have quality connectivity. The best way to sort this is to supply your building with the best possible internet connection available. Set your building up to allow it to manage a server inside if it is large enough or required. Feel free to drop it in as part of a lease incentive to sweeten the deal. 

Improve Security Measures

A secure building is going to be at the top of the priorities list for a business moving into a property. Ensuring you building is secure not only benefits the tenant, but it will also lower your insurance costs in the long run. Installation of high-quality digital security systems, cameras, access control entry points, better security lighting and removing any security risks like large bushes are dark areas around the building are just a few ways you can make the property more secure, and more attractive.

Upgrade The Property

Good tenants are attracted to good buildings.  Adding a modern touch to your building will do just that. Renovate your property to appear polished and modern. Paint, new doors, modernised landscaping and upgraded internal facilities like bathrooms are just some of the ways to provide a more modern approach.

Offer Shared Spaces

Shared spaces are a great way to create a hub for like-minded businesses. Create this with split tenancies inside the one tenancy. It could open up new business relationships not only for you, but other tenants.

Create A “Green” Work-Space

Creating a green workplace is a great way to attract great tenants. Businesses who rent or buy green spaces are more productive and more likely to succeed, according to recent research. Boosting your energy rating will also allow for a little boost in your rental income.

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