How do I get more listings? Old School Methods vs Technology

The question of getting more leads in real estate has come to this:

Is it better to use old school methods like face to face networking and marketing, or do I put all my time into technology to do it for me?

Getting listings is 50% of your business, the other half is getting rid of them. Although digital technology is at the forefront of business, especially in real estate, online is not the only way to get new listings; but it is vital to your success.

There are literally thousands of apps available to help you streamline your business, there are ways to capture leads through your websites, advertising avenues on every form of social media and there are apps to create the best content for engagement that will turn a prospect into a buyer.

Knowing what the best technologies to use is one of the most important aspects of your business, but honestly, the best way to get leads is by talking to people.

There are ways to buy leads online, PPC (pay per click) advertising is a great way to get leads as well, but nothing beats old fashioned face to face marketing. Technology allows the process of physical face to face networking and marketing much easier however, so it will play a big role in securing potential clients.

Connecting with new prospects is hard work, but if you utilise your current online network to its full potential, it can open you up to a whole new world of leads. The best leads come from easy to access sources; your existing leads. Don’t be afraid to get them to network for you. Whether it’s through digital means or face to face old school, networking is networking. If one of your recent buyers has a massive database of people, if you have a great relationship with them, maybe ask if they will help you get some new leads. You never know what the answer will be if you don’t ask the question.

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