How digital leadership will make your business succeed

You may have noticed that technology has a big part in business, (if you’ve opened your eyes in the last ten or fifteen years or so), so it should be no surprise to you that technology also plays a massive role in the advancement and progression in the business world. And of course, as we know that certainly does not exclude real estate.

Tech is changing the way we run business, it’s changing the skills required to work in most industries, it is changing the way we sell, and it is especially shifting the way consumers consume.

With so much tech around us, as consumers we have more choices than ever, and as sellers, we have more opportunities to attract new markets we could never reach 10 to 15 years ago. You need to be tech savvy to survive a week in business, you need to have a solid knowledge of all things technical, and you need to be a digital leader to thrive.

So, what does all this mean? How do you become a digital leader in the world of business? The answer is simple.

Everyone in your business (from senior management to the part-time receptionist) must be aligned with the core digital strategies of the business, and to do that you must all know what digital trends are doing what, and to do that, you need a team who understands them. Digital trends are ever-changing, but there are strategists who make it their priority to know exactly what comes next, what is working right now, and what has failed in the past; and you need one of them on your team.

Part of what you want your digital strategist to do, is keep everyone in the business informed on digital trends, new apps that will make your life better or easier, platforms to get referrals, platforms to make your business grow, and ways to streamline your business.  Digital literacy can be taught to anyone. You just need a great teacher on your team.

With Amazon about to hit our (digital) shores in October, your real estate business MUST be in full control of your digital strategy to survive the next 5 years. Amazon is truly going to shake up the real estate industry, and you should be asking your digital strategist how they are going to make your team digital leaders when the shakeup hits.

One great quote to live by in business, is “You cannot undo change, but you can adapt.”

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