Green Buildings Incentive Policy

To help promote construction during the Covid-19 pandemic, Brisbane City Council recently announced the Green Buildings Incentive Policy. Under a new incentive scheme, developers who reach Brisbane’s new high green standards will only be required to pay for half of the Council’s infrastructure charges.

The housing industry, one of the largest employers in Queensland, and if the estimated 40% drop in new home builds actually eventuates, around half of all those who are employed in the industry could ultimately lose their jobs. By incentivising the construction of high-quality, ecologically sustainable homes and offices, Council will be saving many of those jobs while, at the same time, promoting best practice for environmental design in the state’s capital.

While this incentive is available for all eligible developments, the reduced charges only apply to the Council component infrastructure for stormwater, transport, and the community. It doesn’t apply to any of the infrastructure charges from Urban Utilities for the supply of water or sewerage networks.

While the Council will consider all applications made before the end of 2023, there are a number of eligibility criteria that must be met to be approved for the Brisbane Green Buildings Incentive Policy. Those applicants who do receive approval on a building which is over 3-storeys high before June 2022 will then be eligible to lodge a reduced payment request with the council.

Any commercial office buildings must comply with the design guide for buildings that breathe, with minimum green ratios and carbon-neutral certifications. Residential or mixed-use building developments must achieve similar criteria as commercial and industrial buildings.

Ultimately, the Brisbane Green Buildings Incentive Policy will encourage the design of more energy-efficient and greener buildings across the capital. It demonstrates the commitment of the BCC of ensuring best practice design standards which complements the existing character of Brisbane as a whole, while also supporting the recovery of the construction industry after this pandemic.

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