As the Gold Coast comes down from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure lies dormant in suburbia waiting for its next moment of glory.

From stadiums and light rail systems to residential complexes and hospitals, the Commonwealth Games brought a lot more than just a sporting event to South-East Queensland. It brought with it years of investment opportunities and jobs, lots and lots of jobs.

One of the most interesting master plans that was put in place before the Games began, was that of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. The 200 hectare site where Gold Coast Parklands used to be is soon to become the most impressive emerging health and innovation hub seen in Australia. The precinct received billions of dollars in boosting prior to the Games, and with the future already laid out, it looks to be a very promising place for developers to spend money in the years to come. Reinforced with $5 billion in infrastructure, including a first-rate university, two major hospitals and a multi-billion-dollar light rail system, the precinct is to be the way forward for SEQ.

Investors are being urged to become involved, and with 9,200 jobs already existing within The Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct there is room for an additional 11,000 jobs once the site is fully developed.

Some key features that have interested developers and investors to date are:

  • 12,000m2 shops, cafes, markets
  • 5,700m2 of mixed use retail, with capacity for another 6,300m2
  • The 1,252 permanent residences provide accommodation for 2,500 permanent residents.
  • 9ha of mixed use development area
  • 15 building-ready development sites, with a capacity for approximately 200,000m2 of complementary development.
  • The master plan accommodates building form of a medium rise of between 4 and 10 storeys.

New commercial development within the precinct will start in early 2019 with predictions that it will be built out by 2026.



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