Christmas season tips for your commercial property

If you are shutting down over the Christmas break, there are a number of very important things you need to ensure are done if you are leaving your property unattended for a period of time. Most of these might seem like common sense, however reminders never hurt anyone. When it comes to safety and security, common sense rules certainly apply, so if it doesn’t look safe or secure, it probably isn’t. Here is a checklist of basics to help you get started.

  • Back up all computers
  • Lock away valuables into in a secure cabinet/safe, or take them with you.
  • Turn off computers & monitors at the power point.
  • Ensure current back-up media is located off site, and is easily retrievable.
  • Inform clients/customers/suppliers of your holiday staffing and contact information.
  • Switch off all unnecessary lighting
  • Ensure all windows are closed, including internal only windows
  • Check that all non-essential electronic equipment is switched off at the power point.
  • Reduce flammable waste like cardboard and paper, and fire exits and access to fire hose/extinguishers are clear.
  • Turn off kitchen equipment
  • Turn off refrigerated drink coolers and hot water urn boilers.
  • Make sure all perishable food items are removed from fridges.
  • Ensure external areas of the buildings are free of flammable items
  • Check gutters are clear of debris
  • Make sure external security lighting is operating effectively
  • Book contractors to perform critical building maintenance work while you are closed if possible
  • Secure loose items in case of storms
  • Secure all equipment keys in a secure cabinet

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